Resolution sent to Assembly

Yesterday, the CBJ Assembly’s Public Works and Facilities Committee sent the resolution to the full panel for approval.  

Applying for the grant now doesn’t commit the city to the project. The assembly will vote on the resolution next Monday, October 17th at 7pm in Assembly Chambers.  Public Comment and Testimony will be taken.  

Jeff Vogt, President of the Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries commented at the meeting, “If we let this slip by our fear is that instead of looking at a 7-million dollar project to the city – of which the Friends have already committed a million at least – if we let this slip by at this point in time it could slip by for a long, long time.”   

It has been a long-standing goal of the Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries as well as of the staff at the Juneau Public Libraries to find a permanent, city owned home for the Mendenhall Valley Branch since it moved into its first leased (temporary) location at the Mendenhall Mall in 1983.

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