Construction Progress Photos

Thanks to CBJ Engineering, Robert Barr-Library Director and Jonas Lamb Friends of JPL Board Member for these great photos of the rapid progress happening on site as of October 13, 2014. 


We're Breaking Ground!

Well the project contractor Dawson actually broke ground about a week ago but today we're having a Groundbreaking Ceremony!

Yes it's short notice here on the project site but please drop everything and join us at 12:15 at the Dimond Park site. In addition to short speeches and digging in the dirt, we'll have hard hats and stories on the path for the kids.


Design Development slides and renderings posted

If you missed the last public meeting, the presentation slides used have been posted on the blog's documents page.  In addition to the slides, you'll find three very well done artistic renderings that the architecture team produced to help conceptualize what the building will look like.  Take a look! 

In a couple of weeks we'll be receiving the 65% cost estimate on this project and entering the last phase of architectural design.  This phase is mostly about finishing up all of the details - fixtures, finishes, small tweaks to design, interior work, and furniture.  We'll continue to update this blog with news as things develop.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Here's one of the renderings that shows the exterior entry of the building, as seen from the parking lot:


Design Development Review - November 6th

Hello everyone,

The third and final public meeting for the Mendenhall Valley Library project is set for November 6th, 6:30 PM, in the current Valley Library inside Mendenhall Mall.  The design team will be sharing a near-final site and floor plan, along with sharing details on interior design, furniture, and a number of 3D images depicting various spaces in and out of the library.

This public meeting coincides with the wrap up of the last major stage of development.  Between the end of this meeting and February of next year, the architects will be hard at work consolidating all of the work they've done so far, in combination with staff and public feedback, to produce a set of construction documents that will be used to solicit bids for the project.  The plan remains to advertise for bids in early March of next year, and award a contract in April.

If you're unable to make this meeting, you still have a couple of ways to participate in the process.  A display is in place at the Valley library where you can review the floor plan and submit comments.  We'll be updating the display after this last public meeting.  I'll also update this website with the presentation materials shown at the public meeting.  These, along with other documents posted in the past, can be found on the documents page of this website. Another option is to simply shoot me an email.

This continues to be an exciting, well managed, and on budget project.  We've significantly benefited from the large amount of public interest and participation we've had to date and I'm very much looking forward to this last meeting. 

I hope to see you there,

Robert Barr
Library Director
Juneau Public Libraries


Call For Artists!

Hello everyone,

The Call For Artists (CFA) has been posted today for design, production, and installation of art in the new Mendenhall Valley Public Library.  If you are, or know of, an interested artist, please refer them to this CBJ webpage to register and submit a proposal.  This link is also on our documents page, which may be helpful for interested artists who want to learn more about the project.  Initial proposals are due on or before October 4th. 

All the best,

Robert Barr
Library Director, member of MVPL Art Committee
Juneau Public Libraries


New Documents Posted

A couple of additional documents have been posted on the documents page, including:
  • A Sketchup model of the building.  If you want to check this out, you'll need to use a copy of Google's Sketchup program.
  • A Site Plan with potential art locations.
  • A Floor Plan with potential art locations.


SD presentation slides posted

If you missed the public meeting or are looking for the presentation slides, they're posted on the documents page of this website.

Our next public meeting is tentatively scheduled for October 24th.  Confirmation and more details will be posted here in the coming weeks.