Donna Pierce hired as Project Manager

To help ensure the success of the New Valley Library project at Dimond Park, the CBJ Manager’s office has hired  Donna Pierce to serve as a part-time Project Manager to keep the library project on track. Donna will advocate for the needs of library staff and programs in the design of the new building. She will be starting in her new position this month, and will continue to serve until bid award, expected to occur in January of 2014.

Outgoing Library Director Barbara Berg and Pierce will meet intensively during the next couple of months to bring her up to speed on the design process so far. Throughout the next phase of the project, Donna will meet with library staff, the new Library Director, the engineering project manager, and the architect as much as is needed and will help facilitate public meetings. Barbara Berg speaking on behalf of Pierce said, "I can assure you all that the project will be in the best possible hands. Donna has offered her support and advice toward achieving a new Valley library since 1983, and she is as eager as any of us to see that the best possible library is built.”