Thank you, CBJ Assembly

Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries thanks the members of the CBJ Assembly for including the new Valley library on the list of projects to be partially funded with the special 1% sales tax.

 We are grateful to have this proposal sent to the voters on October 2nd.  

Through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers at the Amazing Book Store, Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries has raised over 1 million dollars for construction of a new library. 

Look for us at the Food Festival this Saturday, September 1st at the JACC.  We will be handing out stickers and bookmarks to support the new Valley library project.  Here is a sampling of the compelling facts we are highlighting on our bookmarks:

        Did you know that…?

  • By 2014 the city will have paid more than $6.5 million in today’s dollars for rent for at the mall.

  • The library pays more for rent in the mall than it does for books, computers, and supplies for all three Juneau Public Libraries.

  • That rent in the mall has increased 14%, but the library’s total budget increased only 1% since 2009.

  • The new library will save operating costs by not paying rent.

Help us build a new library for the Mendenhall Valley!
Please join us in voting YES on the 1% sales tax.

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