The importance of meeting space; and an important meeting

The Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries board is producing a series of bookmarks highlighting the many reasons we believe that a new library building is right for the Valley.  We are making these available at our Amazing Bookstore and at other events around town. 

One such upcoming event is our annual meeting, Saturday, September 15th at 3pm at the Downtown Public Library. This is an open meeting. We invite you to attend.

Speaking of meetings, this week’s bookmark highlights the important role the new library will play as a community meeting space.  Here are the facts:
Did you know that…?

  •  More than 190 different organizations used the Mendenhall Valley Library meeting space last year.
  •  The new Mendenhall Valley Library will offer large and small meeting rooms, with adjustable heating and lighting, and more flexible hours.
  •  The new library at Dimond Park will make this area a true community center for Juneau’s most populated neighborhood.

Help us make Dimond Park a place to exercise your body and your mind. The library is free, and it’s for everyone.

Please join us in voting YES on the 1% sales tax.

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